Influencer Marketing Revolution

Enchora's first steps

Since its launch, Enchora has achieved promising results, an indication of how digital, digital marketing and Influencer Marketing play a crucial role in our daily lives.

This is a trend that proves to be positive despite the detractors who have long suggested that these activities have an upcoming expiration date.

Whether influencers are viewed as egoriferous personalities or as genuine and trustworthy sponsors, it is a fact that they are strong testimonials on their customer base, given that what they communicate to the public is perceived as being less blatantly commercial.
What sets them apart, even more so on a small scale (we are talking about nano or micro influencers), is the bond of trust they manage to establish with those watching from across the screen, an effective strategy that has already proven to pay off.

Needless to appeal to kainophobia (i.e., fear of what we are unfamiliar with), these practices are already well established and have begun to transform the marketing strategy of many companies

This is why Enchora decided to start operating in this area, trying to bring about a real revolution in Influencer Marketing. A performance-based model, in which appearances are put aside and what counts are numbers and actual results brought by influencers (or, as we like to call them, very social people) present on the platform.

What are your thoughts on Influencer Marketing?
Will we continue to head in this direction, or will it be necessary to change course to deal with the upcoming social disruptions?  

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