Case Study: Enchora & Chapeau

Chapeau picked Enchora to promote its e-shop, leveraging the network of micro and nano influencers who had chosen to download its platform. 

Chapeau Brand è un e-commerce italiano di abbigliamento e accessori che prende come ispirazione lo streetwear giapponese.
Born in 2015, the collections featured on the e-store step out of the box and captivate thanks to their bold colors.
The design and production of the collections take place entirely in Italy, with great attention paid to the quality of the clothes.

Chapeau contacted Enchora to create a campaign aimed at increasing traffic to its website.
The campaign lasted a total of three weeks.
Enchora's network of influencers was asked to promote the e-commerce using various methods: from posting content on mainstream social networks to sharing and promoting products on instant messaging apps.
When posting on social media, influencers were asked to use campaign-specific hashtags, as well as the hashtag #chapeau_brand.

Influencers of various scales (microinfluencers, nanoinfluencers, picoinfluencers) took part in the campaign and implemented different communication strategies, tailor-made for their target audience and adapted to their chosen sharing channel.

The Enchora campaign enabled Chapeau to exponentially increase the number of visitors to the e-commerce, from 20 daily visitors to 4.500.

The average time spent on the page was around 1 minute and 50 seconds..
Once the Enchora campaign ended, the new normal became 100 visits a day.

The campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of diversifying target audiences, emphasizing that communication that is built for one's followers can have an impact on a web page's traffic and its subsequent brand awareness.

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