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How does it work?

To become a Promoter and start promoting the content of Enchora Brands you need to complete missions and collect at least 30 career points!
 Here's how you can collect your first points, it only takes a few minutes:

A big family – Flyer Distributor:

If you are an influencer or want to become one, the first thing you can do is to help us make the Enchora community grow. Use your personal link to invite your network to sign up. A post on social media, messages on whatsapp... it all counts! You will receive 2 points for each registration and then... the mission continues!

My Profile:

To obtain 10 points, all you need to do is complete your profile with some essential information, easy right?

Influencer Test

By answering a few questions that will help us better understand who you are and what kind of campaigns to propose you will earn an additional 10 points!

Facebook like e Insta Follower

If you want to be part of Enchora you must also like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram profile. It is from these channels that we will communicate the most important news! Is it compulsory? No, but you will earn 5 points on Facebook and 5 on Instagram!

How to link your Facebook page or Instagram account: Linking your FB page or IG account to Enchora is essential to participate in campaigns. You can do this when registering or by going to the edit page of your profile.
NB: to access some campaigns you will need to upgrade to an Instagram Business profile! If you don't already have one, check out the official Instagram guide.


If you want to start monetising your content with Enchora, the first step is to reach the Promoter level!
At the Promoter level, you can start receiving your first invitations to participate in campaigns. When you receive an invitation, you can immediately see who the customer is, what they are asking you to promote and how, and you can also find out at a glance what the fee is for each performance recorded.

There are four different types of campaigns:

Pay per Engagement

You get paid for every Interaction (reaction, like, comment) that one of your posts on Facebook and/or Instagram gets. In order to be invited, you must have linked a Facebook page and your Business or Creator account to Enchora. If you have not already done so, you can do so from your profile page (follow the appropriate guide). To participate, you must include your personal hashtag in your posts, which you will find within the campaign description once you have accepted it

Pay per Click

You get paid for each individual visitor who, using your link, lands on your customer page. To participate, you must promote the link you will find in the campaign description once you have accepted it.

Pay per Contact

You get paid for each contact you collect through your personal collection Form. To participate you have to promote the Form link you will find within the campaign description once you have accepted it, for each form filled in by your contacts a performance is recorded and you shall receive the agreed remuneration.

Pay per Sales

You get paid for each sale made through your showcase page. To participate, you have to promote the sales form link that you will find within the campaign description. When your contacts access the link because they are interested in the campaign, they can buy and pay. For each completed sale, a performance is recorded and you shall receive the agreed compensation.

You can follow the progress of campaigns from the specific performance section.

From the Professional level onwards you will also find here the campaign rankings and you can compare yourself with other users by finding out who the best influencers are and tips on how to make your campaigns more effective.

Increasing your points is not just for glory! The higher your level, the more app features you can unlock!

To keep growing you have to increase your points and move up levels

Check the promotion tree on the career page and discover all the Enchora levels

Promoter 30 points
Professional 90 points
Influencer 160 points
Enchorer 800 points

With each level new features and missions are unlocked Check where you are in the career ladder and try to reach the top.

Do you want to Cash Out and withdraw what you have accumulated on Enchora? You just need to reach the INFLUENCER level and have at least €80 in your wallet. You can choose the payment method you prefer: PayPal, Satispay or Bank transfer.

On the overall performance page you will find your Wallet and the details of all your campaigns.

If, on the other hand, you are a professional Influencer (you have a VAT number and want to issue a standard invoice), the Cash-Out procedure is different. Simply follow the instructions!

If you have noticed a Bug, seen something wrong or need help contact us now!

If you notice something wrong or if you simply need assistance, you can always access the dedicated pages from the menu area.

Below the description of each campaign, you will always find an option to make a report if something does not work.

In the rankings, next to each influencer, you will always find this symbol ‘!’ By clicking on it, you can report any misconduct.

The Enchora Card is the way you can show others your work on Enchora: you can write your biography, choose which campaigns to show to other users, and also share your Enchora Card on social media, in your Instagram Bio, or on your Blog.

Inside your profile, you will find a section where you can configure your personal Enchora page.

In addition to a brief introduction about yourself, you can select the campaigns you are participating in to make them visible.

If you are participating in more than one campaign and need to share only one link (perhaps to put in your Instagram bio) you can simply use this! You can use it in your Instagram Bio, create a QR code or put it in an NFC tag... use your imagination!
The link will be composed as follows: https://web.enchora.com/inf/tuonickname and will be accessible to everyone.


Non-compliance with the rules may lead to warnings, fines deducted from your wallet (up to and including zeroing) and profile deletion.
The customer's instructions in the campaign brief are law! Always bear in mind that you are working to achieve the best possible results precisely for our customers.
It is forbidden to fictitiously increase one's own performance, in any way (e.g. asking friends to carry out performances that are not real). Any such behaviour will reduce the quality of your work and affect the campaign distribution algorithm. If you are found to be cheating, you will also be banned.
Se non ti piace uno dei clienti di Enchora non aderire alle sue campagne. È meglio non parlare di un brand piuttosto che aderire alla campagna e parlarne male.

Enchora è un servizio inclusivo. Evita qualsiasi comportamento che possa ledere la sensibilità del prossimo. Non saranno ammesse discriminazioni di alcun genere (sesso, razza, religione, orientamento sessuale, ...) o l’utilizzo di un linguaggio offensivo e denigratorio. 

Always remember to comply with the laws in force in your country on advertising and influencer marketing.
If you identify any misconduct that could in any way harm Enchora, its members or its customers, you are obliged to report it. Our platform is a family and we need everyone's contribution.

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