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Why use Enchora?

You only pay for the performances you get

Our campaigns are run on a performance-based, trackable model. Once the campaign is over, you only pay for the results actually delivered.

Use authentic

We engage targeted micro and nano influencers whose authenticity can create positive word of mouth, maximizing the results of your campaigns.

Saving you time and money

The management of influencers is all on us (contracts, payments, taxes...), you won't have to worry about anything but the results of your campaign.

How does it work?

You set up the campaign, we take care of the rest!

1. Registering with Enchora and creating your first campaign

1. Registering with Enchora and creating your first campaign

it is easy: just a few clicks and there is no monthly subscription fee!

2. Enchora uses its artificial intelligence to find the best micro and nano influencers

to communicate your message and spread it through their network of personal contacts.

3. Stay up-to-date on the progress of your campaigns

via our control panel.

4. You only pay according to what you have achieved

without any fixed costs or subscriptions
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Do you want to try to set up a campaign on your own?

Our campaigns

Pay per Engagement

The perfect campaign to boost a brand's popularity. You only pay according to the interactions received (likes, reactions and comments).


Pay per Click

The perfect campaign for those who want to bring traffic to their site.
You only pay according to the number of individual users that land on the page configured in your campaign from posts.


Pay per Contact

The perfect campaign to find new potential customers.
You only pay according to the number of contacts (e-mail or telephone) received through content promotion.


Pay per Sale

The perfect campaign for those who want to sell. You only pay according to the number of sales made on the Enchora showcase page as a result of the influencers' promotion.


Still in doubt?

Here's what you need to get going

Thanks to our performance-based model, to join Enchora's network of influencers you don't need any special requirements: even a very small, aspiring influencer can register on our app and earn based on his or her actual contribution in terms of performances. Professionals or amateurs, big or small, we think everyone can help bring real results to a campaign, as your message will be extended to a wider and more diverse audience.

Enchora's model selects influencers for you! Our algorithms invite potentially interested profiles to your campaign and it is then up to them to assess their ability to contribute effectively to your campaign. What if they get it wrong? They won't perform and they won't represent a cost!

You can always control who is participating in your campaign and how they are performing real-time through our platform. Moreover, our model provides 3 control mechanisms:

  • Enchora itself, 
  • our network of influencers, who monitor each other, 
  • you yourself can always report if something doesn't resonate with you from our monitoring platform. 

You do not need to spend thousands and thousands of euros to do an initial test. There are no fees for subscription or setup, you will only pay for the results. With a small investment you will be able to test the effectiveness of our campaigns and you can always count on our advice to set them up in the best way possible!

It only takes a few hours to set up a campaign and prepare the material to share with our network of influencers.

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